As a writer and illustrator, Sarah Frances is available to speak to both writing and visual arts groups. She is additionally available 
to speak to librarians and teachers about using picture books to teach. Please email her to discuss honoraria and travel expenses.

 Possible topics include:

How to write a character-driven picture book 

Getting published as a picture book writer or illustrator

Using picture books to teach story structure

Creating believable characters

Plotting a picture book

Switching from fine art to illustration

School Visits


Writing Conferences, Libraries and other groups


Now booking for the 2019-20 school year!

Sarah Frances Hardy loves sharing her passion for children’s books and meeting with public, private and homeschool groups. Fee includes one school assembly (up to one hour) and one writing workshop (one hour) per day. Additional sessions can be added for an extra fee.
Sarah Frances’s assembly presentation is titled “Puzzled by Picture Books”. It focuses on her personal journey in becoming a published children’s author/illustrator using visuals to illustrate the process in creating a book as well as the editorial process.


 Sarah Frances’s writing workshop is called “Writing Picture Books”, and in it she goes through a character worksheet with the students (this is done either as a group or individually depending on the size and age of the students). From that character worksheet, she teaches the students how to develop a plot with rising tension and conflict based on the personality of the character whom the students have created. In additional sessions, Sarah Frances can work with the students to create artwork and explain how to put illustrations together into their own books.


For younger children, Sarah Frances's presentation is more about having a fun story time and reading her books (as well as a video featuring her artistically talented dog Jake).


Author’s honorarium: $500 per day plus travel expenses (flight and lodging). For visits within driving distance, the travel expense will be mileage calculated at the IRS standard rate (58 cents per mile as of 1-1-19). If the driving distance is over two hours, overnight lodging may be required.

 Mississippi events: 10% discount

 Pre-event sales of PUZZLED BY PINK, PAINT ME!, or DRESS ME! can be arranged through a local bookstore or directly from the publisher. Books are available from Ingram.


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